A Semi-Opera with soundscapes for everyone aged 10 and older
Music arrangement by Jan Homolka und Nicholas Kok based on motifs by Henry Purcell
Emmeline, the Duke of Cornwall’s blind daughter, is Arthur’s bride. She is, however, also wooed by the Saxon King Oswald who wants to win her hand by the only way he sees as appropriate to the chivalrous code of honour: on the battlefield. Yet Oswald is defeated by the British army. As a consequence, he abducts Emmeline with the help of Osmond’s evil spirits. And only through the combined efforts of Merlin and the good spirits of Philidel, is King Arthur finally successful in rescuing Emmeline…
Supported by Ministerium für Baden-Württemberg
In cooperation with Nikolauspflege Stuttgart – Private Bildungsstätte für Blinde; Betty-Hirsch Schule, Nikolauspflege – Stiftung für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen
13 June 2020
Recommended age
for everyone aged 10 and older