by Sebastian Schwab, Kai Weßler and Suse Pfister
An opera on climate change based on the Grimm's fairy tale Frau Holle

in German
Frau Holle provides snow flurries and perfect weather for flower meadows. But without a helping hand, the workload proves too much for the dotty old weather woman. Already the original fairytale by the Brothers Grimm focuses on the need for helpers – irrespective of them being lazy or industrious – any kind of assistance is welcome! Because what would we do if it were never to snow again? Together with four school classes, a singer and two musicians, JOiN develops the basics of the children’s opera Holle! which will be first premiered this season.
approx 1 h 20 min
World premiere
10 November 2021

Recommended age
aged 6 and older