2. Symphony Concert

Cornelius Meister

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart-Zyklus Part I
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No. 35 D-Major KV 385 "Haffner"
Symphony No. 36 C-Major KV 425 "Linzer"
Symphony No. 38 D-Major KV 504 "Prager"

Mozart-Zyklus Part II
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No. 39 Eb-Major KV 543
Symphony No. 40 G-Minor KV 550
Symphony No. 41 C-Major KV 551 "Jupiter"

After the successful performance of all of Robert Schumann's symphonies, General Music Director Cornelius Meister and Staatsorchester Stuttgart are dedicating themselves to the last six symphonies by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in this year's concert cycle. Composed over a period of six years, they trace Mozart's impressive development in the field of symphonic music. After the festive “Haffner” symphony and the “Linzer” symphony inspired by Joseph Haydn, Mozart's individual maturity is increasingly evident in the “Prague” symphony. It is no coincidence that the temperament and drama are reminiscent of his stage works. The "Prager" was created in 1786 between his operas "Le nozze di Figaro" and "Don Giovanni", the musical language of which can be found in his symphony. Two years later, within just a few weeks, he composed his three master symphonies as if in a frenzy: the cheerful one in E flat major, the tragic one in G minor and the all-outshining symphony in C major, nicknamed "Jupiter". The overwhelming financial worries and "gloomy thoughts" that tormented Mozart that year did not prevent him from reaching the pinnacle of his symphonic work with the last chord.

Conductor Cornelius Meister
Staatsorchester Stuttgart
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