Since its formation in 1997 by Klaus Zehelein, the Junge Oper Stuttgart has operated as an independent institution under the umbrella of the Staatsoper Stuttgart. Over the past years it has generated a pioneering repertory for young audiences. With the beginning of the 18-19 season and Viktor Schoner commencing as intendant, the Junge Oper Stuttgart has moved into a new building of their own: the Nord. The new venue enables the Junge Oper to intensify its strategy of learning concepts, to enlarge its repertory and to raise the number of performances as a reaction to the mostly young audiences.
With the change of venue, the Junge Oper also changed its name: JOiN (Junge Oper im Nord). With more than 18 world premieres, JOiN has established itself since its foundation also nationally as an institution for New Music and Contemporary Music Theatre for all age groups.
The closeness of the three rehearsal stages in the Nord also allows JOiN to offer a transparent opera workshop where interested visitors of all ages can experience the various stages of a new production’s highly complex rehearsal process.
Artistic Director JOiN und Director Opera Studio
Head of Education & Deputy Artistic Director
Head of Planning Office JOiN
Assistant Education
Suse Pfister
Production Assistant
Lovinia Schuchert
FSJ Kultur
Hannah Schwarz
Malte Nuding