Welcome – right now and hopefully soon at the opera house! On this site, we answer some of the most important questions about your first visit to the opera. But don't worry: It's not complicated at all. Because, if you ask us: Opera is the most beautiful, most incredible and most overwhelming art form in the world!
Which opera is the one for me?
Perhaps the most difficult question right at the beginning. Of course, we don't know what topics and what music you like. Whether you prefer a love story, a tragedy or a comedy. Whether you would like to visit the opera on a first date or with your whole family. You will find therefore plenty of photos, videos and further information about all our productions on our website. So, feel free to make up your own mind and then decide!
View in the orchestra pit and on stage
Do I even understand all that?
Admittedly: We are not unbiased, but to us, opera is the greatest and emotionally most gripping of all art forms: The story of an opera is told by means of lyrics, music, acting, stage design and costumes. Occasionally and despite the overwhelming effect, opera can be demanding. But: During the performances, you can follow the gist via surtitles in German and often in English. So, even if the singing is in Italian or Russian, you will understand what the story is all about. On top, there is a German introduction in the foyer explaining plot and staging before the opera and plenty of material on our website, like synopsis, trailers, previews, rehearsal insights, photographs and other features. And we are firmly convinced: Opera can just as well be approached intuitively and without any prior knowledge. Just give it a try!
Aren’t opera tickets very expensive?
Not necessarily. Tickets for all operas are available from € 8 onwards. There is a good view of the stage from almost every seat with only a few exceptions due to the architectural qualities of the Stuttgart opera house built in 1912. And the tiers have different qualities: The third tier, for example, offers great acoustics, the side tiers grant a very good view of the musicians in the orchestra pit and being seated in the stalls means you are close to the actual stage. Our sales colleagues are happy to advice you accordingly and you can reach them via +49 711 20 20 90 oder tickets@staatstheater-stuttgart.de. If you are a student,pupil or trainee, you can get tickets for € 10 for all seats at the box office from one hour before the start of the performance. Best check the seating chart shortly beforehand via the ticket link in the calendar on our website, and if something is still free, just drop by.
Covered with (artificial) blood
What should I wear?
A question often asked. Most importantly: There is no dress code at the Staatsoper Stuttgart – come as you feel comfortable! Everyone is welcome here, whether clad in evening dress or a pair of jeans!
Shortly before the performance
How do I behave at the opera?
Don't worry, we don't have any secret rituals that only insiders would know and understand. But of course, as in all places where people come together, certain rules apply: All operas (unlike musicals or pop music) are performed without any electronic amplification. Opera can have very subtle and quiet but also overwhelmingly loud moments. Which means that during the performance, the auditorium is silent and the room darkened, so that (ideally) everyone is focused on the stage. Extensive conversation is therefore best carried out during the interval.
What if I clap at the wrong time?
There's no such thing as clapping at the wrong time. Feel free to express your feelings - our artists are always happy to receive applause! If you’re not sure, it definitely helps to wait until the music is finished.

In the spotlight
What do I do during the interval?
Hopefully, the first half of the opera has provided you with plenty to talk about! Our historical foyers, however, offer ample space for a stroll. The foyer of the first tier, in particular, is a special gem! From the balcony of the third tier you have a wonderful view over Stuttgart. And the square just outside the building between opera house and small duck pond makes a most beautiful interval foyer during the warmer months of summer. More information about where to get the drinks, something to eat and how to best avoid the queues during the interval you find here: https://scholz-kulturgastronomie.de
Can I take photos?
Yes – but not during the performance. All our performances are copyright protected. It is also a nuisance to the audience if mobile phones or cameras are in use whilst the show is on. That is why taking photos and filming during any performance is not permitted. You are, however, welcome to take selfies during the interval or pictures of the artists at the end during the applause. And of course, feel free to tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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Any further questions? Go ahead!

We would be happy to here from you via oper@staatstheater-stuttgart.de. Our ticket office can be reached Mon to Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. via +49 711 20 20 90. Our colleagues there are happy to assist you.

We are looking forward to your visit!