3. Symphony Concert

Josefin Feiler / Thomas Guggeis

Works by Benjamin Britten , Hèctor Parra, Jean Sibelius and Claude Debussy.
Benjamin Britten Four Sea Interludes, op. 33a
Hèctor Parra (Composer in Focus) Ich ersehne die Alpen, Monodram by Händl Klaus for soprano, electronic and orchestra (world premiere)
Jean Sibelius The Okeanids, op. 73
Claude Debussy La Mer, Three sinfonic sketches for orchestra

Man's longing for nature is at the centre of the commissioned work Ich ersehne die Alpen (I long for the Alps) by current Composer in Focus Hèctor Parra. It will be conducted by Thomas Guggeis, former Kapellmeister of the Staatsoper Stuttgart and designated general music director of the Frankfurt Opera House. In the work protagonist Olivia, sung by ensemble member Esther Dierkes, dreams of a mountain landscape as the place for perfect happiness. Another place of longing is the sea with its display of colours which Claude Debussy translated into sound in his masterpiece La Mer. In Jean Sibelius's sea composition, on the other hand, the Okeanids from Greek mythology seem to dance through the vastness of the sea, before a mighty wave sweeps them away. The sea’s unpredictability is also portrayed by Benjamin Britten in his opera Peter Grimes, from which he published four highly expressive interludes as the so-called Four Sea Interludes.
Soprano Josefin Feiler
Musical Direction Thomas Guggeis
Staatsorchester Stuttgart

The world premiere will take place in cooperation with the Orquesta Nacional de España.
There will be an introduction 45 minutes before the concert at Silchersaal.

First workshop, then concert: After a playful and musical introduction, children aged between 4 and 10 years experience the second part of the symphony concert.

The concert on sunday, March 26, will be recorded by Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and broadcast on radio later.

The world premiere work Ich ersehne die Alpen by Hèctor Parra is sponsored by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.
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Mar 2023
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Liederhalle (Beethovensaal)
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Liederhalle (Beethovensaal)
Orchestras of Change
This concert is dedicated to the "Orchestras of Change". This association is the initiative of German professional orchestras on climate protection and sustainability. With a wide variety of initiatives and concerts, the musicians want to actively draw attention to the climate crisis and deal with it. This includes, among other things, a joint reforestation project on Madagascar.
"We as musicians can grow into a large community with the people we reach with our music. Together we can manage to help shape the change to a sustainable living society and thus preserve our planet as a livable place for future generations." (Orchestras of Change e.V.)