5. Chamber Music Concert

Between baroque and modern

Works by Johann Paul Schiffelholz, Heinrich Iganz Franz von Biber, Igor Strawinsky and Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber Sonata à 3 for 2 violins, trombone and basso continuo
Daniel Speer Sonata und Gigue for 2 violins, trombone and basso continuo
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer Sonata à 3 for violin, trombone and basso continuo
Antonio Bertali Sonata à 3 for 2 violins, trombone and basso continuo
Johann Paul Schiffelholz Trio for two bassoons and basso continuo
Igor Strawinsky Woodwind oktet
Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga String quartet No. 2 D minor

Igor Stravinsky's intensive study of 18th-century music gave rise to a number of neoclassical works, such as his ballet Pulcinella. The Wind Octet of 1923 is one of the earliest examples of his neoclassicism. With his innovative musical language, Stravinsky surprised Parisian audiences who had expected him to produce brutal, boisterous sounds like those in Le Sacre du printemps. In this concert, the octet encounters a classical string quartet by Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, who was considered the "Spanish Mozart", as well as various compositions from the Baroque period, such as the Sonata and Gigue for two violins, trombone and basso continuo by Daniel Speer, who had moved from Breslau to Göppingen.
With Kathrin Scheytt, Lilian Scheliga, Alexander Akimov, Zoltan Paulich, Sebastian Mangold, Christian Hammerer, Lennard Czakaj, Andreas Spannbauer u. a.
Harpsichord Alan Hamilton

There will be an introduction 30 minutes before the concert at Mozartsaal.

Mar 2024
https://www.staatsoperstuttgart.de Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Liederhalle, Mozartsaal