Come, be mother nature’s bitch!

Party and costume ball

A posthumanist costume ball for mushroom enthusiasts, insectoids and hybrids of all kinds. Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung is full of different life forms. Depending on the perspective, we first meet real people in Hunding's Hall in Die Walküre or even in Götterdämmerung at the court of the Gibichungen. Before, in between, after: Goddesses, dwarves, talking dragons and birds, Rhine nymphs and, last but not least, Mother Earth herself, who is chief god Wotan's only intrepid admonisher. Vast amounts of communication between various forms of life, all personified by Wagner's mythical personnel. If you look at the forecasts for the future, we real humans have long since run down through our overexploitation of nature. This could only be captured in dystopian narratives about illness, death and infirmity. Or, following our motto "Come together!", we can use the whole thing to convene a euphoric community that already identifies with the looks and feelings of a future in which we have (once again) become part of the rest of life on this, for all its eeriness, rather beautiful planet Earth.

Our European myths know and have always known hybrid beings between humans and nature and are constantly evolving: whether Daphne, who becomes a tree to escape Apollo; whether mermaids, who depending on the tale only have a non-human body in the water or have to get rid of it to be able to be close to humans; whether griffins and sphinxes that have lion bodies with eagle or human heads - they are all products of a fantasy that likes to imagine a more-than-human. Following this inspiration, we want to see your best fantasy and hybrid creature looks and will also be awarding prizes for them on our open runway, which will be judged by an expert panel of costume and make-up experts: Put on your antennae, grow your roots, spread your wings and get ready for life after human. The future is weird!
Apr 2023 Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Studio Amore, 1st floor

Party and costume competition last year