The thing from the acoustic swamp

Pillow concert for children aged 2 to 5
Three very different instruments bemoan their characteristics! All of them are unhappy with something: The first is too punchy, the second too flighty and the third wants to funnel everything. But is that really important? Is not every instrument very special indeed? In the end all three instruments come to understand that the combination of their single and unique capabilities is greater than their individual strength. And more importantly – more beautiful: Pure music it is!

A pillow concert lasts approx. half an hour. 30 minutes prior to the performance, the children are invited to a handicraft work like painting or cutting out elements that are related to the topic of the concert. Following the concert, the children then have the opportunity to try out the musical instruments they have previously seen and heard for themselves.
Nord, Foyer
This production's premiere

Back on stage
27 October 2020

Recommended age
for children aged 2 to 5