Leonard Evers


Musical theatre for children aged 6 years and older and their families

by Leonard Evers
Libretto by Flora Verbrugge based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm German
Translation by Barbara Buri
A magical fish that fulfills all desires – who wouldn’t like that: shoes, a house, a castle complete with staff, a palm beach, pizza and French fries as much as you want. But still it seems to Jacob and his parents that everything around them could be even bigger, better and more beautiful. »Come on, Jacob, run to the beach!« After all, he saved the fish’s life. »Fish in the sea, please grant me the whole world, just for the three of us«, Jacob sings! And everything glitters! Only that the waters of the sea get wilder and the fish turns thinner until the high waves consume it all again.

Based on the fairytale about The fisherman and his wife, author Flora Verbrugge and composer Leonard Evers have created a poetic and meaningful children’s opera about fortune and happiness.
Recommended age
6 years and older