by Susanne Hinkelbein
A "Street Oratorio" along the course of the so-named rivulet
Nesenbach is a project of eight performances at eight different venues of which each is a little different from the one before. It is a “street oratorio” which follows the course of the so-named rivulet through Stuttgart – a production, in essence a memorial to that creek that has been banned beneath Stuttgart’s sealed surface.
A local choir, consisting of various people of all ages, sings, performs and narrates stories of tragedies, sewers and the supply of fresh water. They tell us about the nature of the town and cool water, about concrete surfaces and water reservoirs. Above all, the stories tell us about urban planning and the happy or unhappy course of water and of events.
Within the PARTYcipation-FESTIVAL
In cooperation with LOKSTOFF! Theater des Öffentlichen Raums e.V., WILHELMA and Altenburgschule

City area
World premiere
10 July 2021