Opéra de la Beast

Skatboarding on the opera forecourt

Skateboarding in front of the Landtag building, musical theatre in the Opera house: two parallel worlds that have nothing really in common? Opéra de la Beast invites skaters to a big skateboarding event around the Opera house. For one weekend, skate ramps will be put up across the large staircase of the neo-classical building, across the open flight of stairs where normally streams of visitors filter through the entrance doors. Right there, the big skateboarding contest will take place, with a total of €5,000 in prize money up for grabs and flanked musically by various DJs, local music acts and the musicians of the Staatsoper Stuttgart. To discover one thing in the end: that even skateboarding can be great opera!

9 am: registration qualification
11 am –1 pm: Qualification
3 pm: Main Contest
6:30 pm: Finale Contest
8 pm: Music Act