by Claudio Monteverdi
Favola in musica with a prologue and five lifts
Text from Alessandro Striggio
In Italian
Opera as an obstacle course in a Stuttgart music club: Together with Orpheus, we descend deep into Hades on our way to Proserpina, goddess of the underworld. There, Orpheus laments his sufferings caused by the loss of his wife Euridice. He succeeds in convincing the dark ruler’s wife and is given a second chance: Proserpina allows him to take Euridice back into the living world. But there is a catch: Only if Orpheus restrains himself from looking back to her whilst leading her out, can Euridice really be rescued. Director Marco Štorman and a fantastic ensemble of soloist singers bring to the stage one of the oldest stories in the world of opera: Monteverdi's "favola in musica" from 1607. The visitors are invited to literally join the cast on their journey of descend as well as ascend from the underworld.
Im Wizemann
approx.1 hr. 45 min.

The event is a parcours, therefore without seats and not barrier-free.

Due to construction work, the U13 line does not run to Rosensteinpark. Substitute bus services have been arranged. You can find more information on the VVS page.