Vom Ende der Zeit

Konzert mit Impulsen, Gespräch und Begegnung

Olivier Messiaen Quatuor pour la fin du temps
Olivier Messiaen pieces of the organ cycle Les Corps Glorieux

The end of time. Eternity. With his famous Quartet for the End of Time, Messiaen takes up the visions from the Revelation of John. Through his sounds, he creates a world of crystalline colors and indestructible light. Music of life. Impressive and moving, especially in the awareness of the precarious circumstances of the premiere in 1941 - by imprisoned musicians in the prisoner-of-war camp of Görlitz.
a production of the catholic church St. Fidelis and station s
station s
80 Minutes
Eine Kooperation mit KLANGRAUM st.fidelis und dem Spirituellen Zentrum station s