The lamb that came to dinner

Pillow concert for children aged 3 to 6
Based on the children's book by Steve Smallman, Joëlle Dreidemy and Therese Hochhuth
in German
The very hungry wolf is right in the middle of preparing dinner – his own recipe of traditional stew – when he gets interrupted suddenly by a small lamb turning up on his doorstep. Predictably, the wolf gets all confused, because what do you do, when your dinner hugs you and sweetly smiles at you? A wonderful story about friendship and responsibility is finally rewarded with an excellent vegetable stew for two!

A pillow concert lasts approx. half an hour. 30 minutes prior to the performance, the children are invited to a handicraft work like painting or cutting out elements that are related to the topic of the concert. Following the concert, the children then have the opportunity to try out the musical instruments they have previously seen and heard for themselves.
Lobby Nord
This production's premiere
Recommended age
for children aged 3 to 6