Richard Wagner


Richard Wagner With German supertitles
The Ring of the Nibelung’s curse seems to have no power over the shining hero Siegfried. He presents it to Brünnhilde as a token of his eternal love. Hagen, however, does everything in his power to retrieve the Ring that has once been forged by his father Alberich. His ensuing intrigue not only demolishes Siegfried but also throws the Gibichungs’ civilized world into chaos. It is Brünnhilde who terminates the power games by committing suicide.

The world premiere of the fourth part of Richard Wagner’s Nibelung-Saga took place in 1876 in Bayreuth. By completing it Wagner summarized the results of his working process on Ring des Nibelungen which altogether lasted a staggering 26 years.
I Act: approx. 2 hours 5 min.
- Interval: 25-30 min. -
II Act: approx. 1 hours 10 min.
- Interval: 25-30 min. -
III Act: approx. 1 hour 20 min.
= in Total: approx. 5 hour 45 min.
12 March 2000