The jungle book

An enjoyable family concert for everybody aged 6 and older
Arrangement of Walt Disney's most well-known musical motifs by Alexander Erbrich
The human child Mogli was reared by wolves. One day, however, the evil tiger Shir Khan returns to the jungle. With the help of the wise panther Baghira, Mogli sets out to look for shelter / protection in the nearby human village. Whilst on their way to the village, the two come across the bear Balu who is always in a good mood. And that is how the trouble begins: whether it is for the swinging dance with King Louie, the batty Orangutan, the unforgettable elephants’ parade or the hypnotic encounter with Kaa, the mesmerizing python – all hell breaks loose in the Disney jungle.

The Oscar-nominated song „Look for the bare necessities“ together with all the other brilliant and sing-along hits make Walt Disney‘s masterpiece The jungle book a really unique experience for the whole family.
Approx 1 hour, no interval