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A hybrid monster opera composed by Catalina Rueda with a libretto by Lisa Pottstock
in German
In this production, the medieval Melusine saga is linked to the feminist and queer struggle for the right to self-determination of one's own body. Melusine has to keep her ambiguous body a secret in order to live in human society. For the two prize winners Catalina Rueda and Lisa Pottstock it is therefore the perfect mythological motif of which its political and social consequences reach right into the present. In a patriarchal and heteronormative society, an ambiguous body which changes and reshapes itself is censored. Or it is perceived as monstrous.
We are pleased to be the first cooperating institution that brings the prize-winning work of the first Reinhold Otto Mayer Prize onto the stage.
Direction Thorsten Cölle
Stage Design Jakob Michael Birn
Dramaturgy Miron Hakenbeck, Julia Schmitt

Mit Mitgliedern des Opernstudios, des Ensembles der Staatsoper Stuttgart und
des Staatsorchesters Stuttgart
World premiere
Reinhold Otto Mayer Price 2021

Recommended age
from 16 years
There will be an introduction 30 minutes before the performance in the foyer.