2. Symphony Concert

Cornelius Meister / Manuel Pujol

Works by Olivier Messiaen, Igor Strawinsky and Bohuslav Martinů.
Olivier Messiaen Hymn
Igor Strawinsky Symphony of psalms for choir and orchestra
Bohuslav Martinů Symphony No. 1

Following the successful performance of Gustav Mahler's Resurrection Symphony in the previous season, the Staatsorchester Stuttgart and the multi-award-winning Staatsopernchor Stuttgart under the baton of Cornelius Meister present Igor Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms. The evocative work combines Old Testament psalms with echoes of Gregorian chants and elements from the Orthodox tradition. At the time of its composition in 1930, Stravinsky as well as Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů were living in France. In 1940, both composers emigrated to the USA, where Martinů composed his six symphonies. For the complete recording of these Cornelius Meister was awarded the OPUS Klassik in 2018. Martinů’s First Symphony was written at the suggestion of the conductor Sergei Koussevitsky, who more than ten years earlier had commissioned Stravinsky to compose the Symphony of Psalms. The concert will open with Olivier Messiaen's Hymn, whose score was lost during the Second World War and the French composer reconstructed it from memory after the war. In this profoundly moving work, the devout Messiaen describes the glory of God and the promise of eternal happiness.

Musical Direction Cornelius Meister
Choir Manuel Pujol
Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Staatsopernchor Stuttgart

There will be an introduction 45 minutes before the concert.

First workshop, then concert: After a playful and musical introduction, children aged between 4 and 10 years experience the second part of the symphony concert.