Der Freischütz

by Carl Maria von Weber
Romantic opera in three acts
Libretto by Johann Friedrich Kind
in German
Max, the hunter’s apprentice, has to land a direct hit at the coming up shooting match in order to marry his beloved Agathe. Out of his fear of potential failure, Max strikes a deal with the dark forces in the wolf’s canyon: Six sure-fire bullets for his sole use whilst the seventh bullet is reserved for the devil and for any victim the devil chooses.
Carl Maria von Weber‘s Freischütz which was first premiered in 1821, is the epitome of a German romantic opera. Never before have occult, transcendental and supernatural ideas been transformed into music so full of suggestive sounds.
Act I/II: approx. 1 h 40 min
Intermission: approx. 30 min
Act III: approx. 55 min
This production's premiere
Recommended age
from grade 8