La sonnambula

by Vincenzo Bellini
Oper in two acts
Libretto by Felice Romani
in italian with german surtitles
To find meaning where others think only beautiful sound is the declared goal of the hermeneutic in-depth drilling of the directing duo Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito. And so, in their second production of a Bellini opera in 2012, they uncovered the deeper layers of the supposedly so superficial characters through precise textual analysis. Wieler's and Morabito's successful production of Bellini's "Nachtwandlerin" returns to the repertoire of the Staatsoper Stuttgart after a guest performance at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and is once again brought to life here by a bel canto dream ensemble around Helene Schneiderman and Catriona Smith as well as Charles Sy and Claudia Muschio.
Act I: approx. 1 hour 25 min.
Intermission: approx. 30 min.
Act II: approx. 55 min
World premiere
1831 in Milano

Premiere of this production
Recommended age
from grade 8
There will be a german introduction 45 minutes before the performance at foyer I. floor.
Jul 2024 Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

16:00 – 19:00
Revival, Stuzubis 10 € already on presale!
Cast Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

19:00 – 22:00
Stuzubis 10 € already on presale!
Cast Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

19:00 – 22:00
Stuzubis 10 € already on presale!
Cast Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

19:00 – 22:00
Stuzubis 10 € already on presale!
8 / 17 / 26 / 40 / 53 / 66 / 82 / 99 / 115 €
Musikalische Leitung Andriy Yurkevych
Regie Jossi Wieler, Sergio Morabito
Bühne und Kostüme Anna Viebrock
Licht Reinhard Traub
Chor Bernhard Moncado
Dramaturgie Sergio Morabito, Angela Beuerle
Graf Rodolfo Adam Palka
Teresa Helene Schneiderman
Amina Claudia Muschio
Elvino Charles Sy
Lisa Catriona Smith
Alessio Andrew Bogard
Ein Notar Juan Pablo Marin Gonzales
Staatsorchester Stuttgart, Staatsopernchor Stuttgart
A village in the Swiss Alpes
act one
INTRODUCTION Lisa, the innkeeper, hears calls congratulating Amina on her imminent wedding with Elvino. Amina is an orphan and works in the mill of her foster-mother Teresa. The young landowner Elvino is the richest man in the village.
CAVATINA Before he fell in love with Amina, Elvino had been in a relationship with Lisa. Lisa is not allowed to show her pain and fury.
STRETTA OF THE INTRODUCTION In honour of the bridal couple, Alessio has rehearsed a song with the villagers. Alessio, who persistently courts Lisa, is again curtly rejected by her.
RECITATIVE AND CAVATINA Amina enters. She thanks the villagers for the song and especially her foster-mother Teresa for taking her in and raising her.
RECITATIVE Amina thanks Alessio and wishes him well in courting Lisa. She is the only one who doesn’t know about her groom’s former liaison with Lisa. The notary arrives.
RECITATIVE AND DUET Elvino apologizes for his late arrival: He has stopped at his mother‘s grave to ask her blessing for his wedding. The marriage contract is drawn up. Elvino brings his property into the marriage, Amina possesses nothing. The contract is signed by Elvino and – on Amina’s behalf – Teresa as well as by the witnesses Alessio and Lisa. Elvino gives his bride his mother’s ring and a bouquet of violets.
RECITATIVE AND CAVATINA Elvino is inviting everybody to the church wedding on the next morning, when a stranger arrives. He asks how far it is to the castle. Since it is getting late, Lisa recommends spending the night at her inn. The stranger seems to know the village. When he sees Amina, she reminds him of a woman he had loved as a young man. She awakens in him long forgotten feelings.
RECITATIVE AND CHORUS The stranger is told that the old count has died without ever having heard again of his lost son. The stranger maintains that the count’s son is still alive. Teresa asks everybody to retreat: The witching hour is approaching. The incredulous stranger hears about a dead woman whose ghost haunts the village.
RECITATIVE AND DUET The villagers leave. The stranger accompanies Lisa into the inn, not without having looked deeply into Amina’s eyes once more. Amina and Elvino secretly remain behind. Trembling with jealousy, Elvino violently reproaches Amina for her kindness towards the stranger.
SCENE AND FINALE At the inn, Lisa tells the stranger that he has been recognized: He is Rodolfo, the son of the count. Her amorous advances are interrupted by a sound. Before she leaves, Lisa watches Amina climbing in through the window. The sleepwalking Amina imagines the stranger is Elvino and pictures the wedding night of her dreams. Hearing voices, Rodolfo hides. The peasants have assembled to surprise the old count’s heir in his sleep. But instead of Rodolfo a woman is lying in his bed. Lisa appears with Elvino and uncovers the sleeping Amina. Amina awakes and doesn’t know how she has got there. Her unfaithfulness seems evident to all. Teresa covers Amina with a garment that Lisa had lost while flirting with Rodolfo.

act two
INTRODUCTION CHORUS The villagers discuss how they can pressure the compromised Count Rodolfo to rehabilitate Amina.
SCENE AND ARIA Teresa, too, wants to see Rodolfo together with Amina.
Elvino enters. Once again he rejects Amina’s assertion of innocence. The villagers return with the message that the count has declared her innocent. But the enraged Elvino wrenches his mother’s ring from Amina.
SCENE AND ARIA Alessio is harassing Lisa with yet another proposal when they hear that Elvino has chosen Lisa as his new bride. Lisa consents.
QUARTET On their way to church, Elvino and Lisa are stopped by Rodolfo. He explains that Amina is a sleepwalker. Nobody believes him and he is laughed at. Teresa appears appealing for quiet as the seriously ill Amina has finally fallen asleep. When Teresa hears that Lisa and Elvino are about to get married, she shows him the garment which she found in the count’s room to prove that Lisa must have been there as well. Elvino is tormented with doubt about the women’s fidelity – and about his behaviour towards Amina.
SCENE AND FINAL ARIA In a febrile delirium Amina reveals yet another truth. Her wedding with Elvino is decided once more. When she becomes conscious, she wakes up – married.


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