Verzauberte Welt

by Maurice Ravel
With Maurice Ravel's opera L'enfant et des sortilèges (1925) and his fairytale suite Ma Mère L’Oye (1910) as well as songs and lyrics by Schorsch Kamerun
in German
Music theatre by and for everybody aged 6 to 106, who liked to do their homework or who will never do it. For the inquisitive, the obtuse, the seeking, dreaming, doubting people and to the brave.

“I don’t want to!” Whether based on pure defiance or as a deliberate resistance towards the pressure of rules and expectations: a child refuses to do its homework. Immediately, it gets punished for it – with confinement and tea without sugar. The child gives vent to its anger and explodes. Eventually, the child learns a great many things, however not via school books and mathematical formulary. The previously badly beaten things and animals put up resistance and take the child onto a fantastic trip through the nocturnal garden, where they open the kid’s eyes and ears towards the ways of the world.

Together with JOiN
Recommended age
from grade 4