Witzel & Lang, 33rpm

The composer Bernhard Lang started out as a free jazz pianist and improvisation musician, but for him contemporary composing always has to do with groove. Author Frank Witzel creates his own atmospheric sounds for his radio plays. While working on Dora, the two regularly exchanged their playlists. They are now being shared! At BIX, Lang and Witzel play music that inspires, disturbs, connects or distinguishes them from one another. They talk about iconographic pop, avant-garde turned into classic and brand new audiophile discoveries. Special guest: the soprano Josefin Feiler, singer of Dora.

This event is part of the preparations for the world premiere of Dora on March 3, a new opera for Stuttgart, composed by Bernhard Lang to a libretto by the Frank Witzel. Parallel to the rehearsals, we want to shorten the waiting time for Dora. Get to know the authors - perhaps we will meet Dora on the way.
BIX Jazzclub
Bernhard Lang The Cold Trip, part I for voice and four guitars

With the Aleph Gitarrenquartett a.o.

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BIX Jazzclub