Wrecked landscape, wandering self

The title character in Bernhard Lang and Frank Witzel's new opera Dora stands in a barren landscape that seems like the drawing board for her own life and doesn't know where to direct her steps. Nevertheless, the young woman sets out in search of a path. Writing is also a search for the author and Dora librettist Frank Witzel. Together with his colleague Ingo Schulze, he talks at the Literaturhaus about motivations and starting points for texts, about paths taken and abandoned, surprising turn-offs and unattainable goals.

The duo LAB51 (Johanna Vargas and Magdalena Cerezo Falces) will perform Bernhard Lang's The Cold Trip, part II - a rewriting of what is probably the most famous song cycle of the Romantic period: Franz Schubert's Winterreise. With his composition for voice, piano and electronics, Lang transposes the real and hallucinated search movements of Schubert's wanderer despairing of the world into the 21st century.

This event is part of the preparations for the world premiere of Dora on March 3, a new opera for Stuttgart, composed by Bernhard Lang to a libretto by the Frank Witzel. Parallel to the rehearsals, we want to shorten the waiting time for Dora. Get to know the authors - perhaps we will meet Dora on the way.
Bernhard Lang The Cold Trip, part II for piano, laptop and voice

With Johanna Vargas (soprano) and Magdalena Cerezo Falces (piano)

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LAB51: „XX. Deviant“ from „The Cold Trip, part II“ by Bernhard Lang