3. Chamber Music Concert

Inspiration folklore

Works by Max Reger, Erwin Schulhoff and Antonín Dvořák
Max Reger Serenade G major for flute, violin and viola, op. 141a
Erwin Schulhoff Duo for violin and violoncello
Antonín Dvořák Piano quintet No. 2 A major, op. 81

The composers of this concert are united by their fascination for the folklore of their homeland. Max Reger opens the program with a trio that is characterized by a deep love for music-making. Reger enriched the German choral tradition with numerous folk song arrangements. One of his composition students was the Prague-born Erwin Schulhoff, who absorbed all the avant-garde currents of his time: from Impressionism and Expressionism to the Dada style and jazz. Folkloristic influences can be detected in his highly expressive Duo for Violin and Violoncello from 1926. Schulhoff owed his professional musical training to a recommendation from Antonín Dvořák. At the age of 7, Schulhoff had played the piano for the then 60-year-old. The folklore of their common homeland Bohemia is an integral part of Dvořák's work. In his Piano Quintet No. 2, one of the highlights of his chamber music, he uses the style of the dumka, a Slavic song ballad, in the second movement. The following scherzo, on the other hand, is a furiant, the spirited dance that Dvořák also used in his Slavonic Dances.
With Beatrix Meyer-Bode, Eva-Maria Schäfer, Alexander Akimov, Muriel Bardon, Doris Erdmann u. a.
Piano Julia Brusentsova

There will be an introduction 30 minutes before the concert at Mozartsaal.

Jan 2024
https://www.staatsoperstuttgart.de Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Liederhalle, Mozartsaal