7. Chamber Music Concert

Secret paths

Works by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, August Klughardt and Ludwig van Beethoven
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Piano trio No. 1 D minor, op. 49
August Klughardt Schilflieder for oboe, viola and piano, op. 28
Ludwig van Beethoven String quartet No. 8 E minor, op. 59 No. 2

"Auf geheimem Waldespfade schleich' ich gern im Abendschein" (I like to creep along a secret forest path in the evening light) is the title of one of Nikolaus Lenau's Schilflieder (Reed songs), which August Klughardt set to music for piano, oboe and viola in 1872. Lenau's poems are expressions of romantic states of mind, reflected in atmospheric images of nature. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy was also inspired by that Austrian Romantic’s poems to compose. Imbued with a mysterious atmosphere is the Scherzo of his Piano Trio No. 1, with which he recalls the elfin music of his Sommernachtstraum (A Midsummer Night's Dream). In this work which Robert Schumann described as a “contemporary master trio”, Mendelssohn Bartholdy combines classical form with Romantic means of expression. The Romantic era was already making its way in the works of Beethoven. His String Quartet No. 8 is characterized by a broad range of expression: from radical wildness to sacred sounds. The latter determine the solemn Adagio which, according to his pupil Carl Czerny, came to Beethoven's mind "when he once looked at the starry sky and thought of the harmony of the spheres".
With Nicola Lolli, Lilian Scheliga, Madeleine Przybyl, Zoltan Paulich, Guillaume Artus, Hedwig Gruber, Katrin Stüble
Piano Virginie Déjos, Annique Göttler

There will be an introduction 30 minutes before the concert at Mozartsaal.

Jul 2024
https://www.staatsoperstuttgart.de Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Liederhalle, Mozartsaal