3. Chamber Music Concert

The Art of Variation

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Joseph Haydn
Johann Sebastian Bach Goldberg Variations for string trio
Joseph Haydn String quartet no. 3 in C major op. 76 "Kaiserquartett"

The Goldberg Variations for harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach, published in 1741, represent the height of the Baroque art of variation and are performed in a version for string trio in this concert. The opening Aria is followed by a total of 30 variations based on the bass line introduced at the beginning. In the last variation, Bach contrapuntally interweaves the folk songs Ich bin so lang nicht bei dir gewest and Kraut und Rüben haben mich vertrieben and combines them with the bass of the Aria. Artistic variations and the use of a simple song can also be found in Joseph Haydn's so-called "Kaiserquartett" dating from 1797. The 65-year-old composer incorporated his previously composed song Gott! erhalte Franz, den Kaiser into the second movement of this string quartet, which is one of his late works. This melody, on which Haydn based four variations, is known today primarily as the German national anthem. Around 40 years after the string quartet was composed, August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben wrote his Lied der Deutschen, the third verse of which now serves as the text of the German national anthem and is sung to Haydn’s popular melody.
With Amelie Wünsche-Revelle, Daniel Schwartz, Zoltan Paulich, Veronika Unger et al.

There will be an introduction 30 minutes before the concert at Mozartsaal.

Wed, November 27, 2024 19:30 h
Nov 2024
https://www.staatsoperstuttgart.de Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Liederhalle, Mozartsaal
16 €
Musiker*innen des Staatsorchesters Stuttgart