Come together

A Concert-Gala against the fear of disappearance

Music by Johann Christoph Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Schorsch Kamerun, Ebow, Gustav Mahler, Charles Ives, Charles Gounod, Sofia Gubaidulina and others
"J'ai peur" - with this admission of existential anguish Olivier Messiaen's Francis of Assisi commences. The extent to which man has maltreated the basis of his existence as well as other species and the planet we all share, could alone be considered reason enough to persist in paralysing fear. To escape that feeling, however, we thrust the doors of the opera house wide open and offer a musical alternative: a concert gala of the most diverse sounds, styles, views and expertise – against carelessness and helplessness, but also against the know-it-alls. We invite you to come together to encounter voices as thoughtful as they are encouraging. Voices that point the way out of frightening, man-made calamities. Imagination equals Strategy. Come together!