Agonizingly sweet loneliness

Six films and music about feelings in a state of emergency

More than 400 years ago, Claudio Monteverdi and his contemporaries revolutionized music: the human voice got detached from the Renaissance’s intricate choral compositions and focused on human individuals and their conflicting emotions instead. With solo singing accompanied by only a few instruments, not only opera was born, but also a musical form that still shapes the form of pop song today. As every good song should have a good video clip, six video artists were commissioned in 2020 to make films that centered on arias and duets from early Baroque. Wavering between video art and cinematic short film, these artists explored the range of human feelings in a state of emergency whilst choosing unusual settings such as the airport’s runway, a court room and others. Experience the Stuttgart singers on the big screen with live music by Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Vivaldi & Co.
Musical Direction Vlad Iftinca
Dramaturgy /Artistic production management Sabine Frank, Miron Hakenbeck, Julia Schmitt
With Laia Vallés and Elmar Gilbertsson
and Musiker*innen des Staatsorchesters Stuttgart

With Fahim Amir, Fanie Antonelou, Josefin Feiler, Franziska Finckh, Diana Haller, Goran Jurić, Paweł Konik, Mingjie Lei, Claudia Muschio, Petr Nekoranec, Jarrett Ott, Ilse Rucki, Helene Schneiderman, Christopher Sokolowski, Charles Sy, Johannes Vogt, Anette Wanner, Rachael Wilson, the Stuttgart Kickers and the dog Spike

In films by Anderson Matthew, Jeffrey Döring & Vangelis Anthimos, Tobias Dusche, Manuela Hartel, Lukas Rehm and Vincent Stefan
ca. 120 minutes
Trigger warning epilepsy: The film dei notturni splendori by Matthew Anderson contains stroboscopic effects.

Trailer and Film Stills

Impressions of the Premiere 2020