The Valkyrie

by Richard Wagner
First day of the stage festival The Ring of the Nibelung in three lifts
Poetry by the composer
In German with English and German surtitles
Unknowingly, Wehwalt seeks refuge in the same house where his twin sister lives with her husband Hunding. He was separated from his twin as a child. The two recognize each other as Siegmund and Sieglinde and experience an ecstatic night of love before fleeing Hunding's house. Wotan's plan to father a son in order to put an end to the matter of Alberich's ring once and for all fails because he would have to transgress (once again) the same laws that he has sworn to uphold. Resigned, the god bows to the laws and sacrifices his son instead. The Valkyrie Brünnhilde has defied her father's command and therefore seeks help from her sisters. They cannot, however, protect her from her father's wrath. His punishment is drastic: Brünnhilde has no longer the status of a Valkyrie, but is now a normal woman. And as such, she must obey whoever dares to pass through the circle of fire that surrounds her.
1st Act: ca. 1 h 5 min
Intermission: 35 min
2nd Act: ca. 1 h 30 min
Intermission: 50 min
3rd Act: ca. 1 h 10 min
World premiere
1870 in Munich

Premiere of this production
10 April 2022

Recommended age
from grade 10
There will be an introduction 45 minutes before the performance at foyer I. floor.