Die Fledermaus

by Johann Strauß
Operetta in three acts
Libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée
in German

Before having to report for his prison sentence, Eisenstein plans to enjoy himself to the fullest by attending a masked ball. Disguised as a French marquis, he attempts to seduce an intriguing and fascinating stranger in the disguise of a Hungarian Countess. Intoxicated by waltz and wine he fails to recognize that the alleged countess is his own wife Rosalinde.

Sparkling and bubbling away like a freshly opened bottle of champagne, this operetta by Johann Strauss guarantees an entertaining evening - hangover included.
Act I and II: 2 hours
- Interval: 30 min -
Act III: 45 min
World premiere
1874 in Vienna

This production's premiere
Recommended age
from grade 8