Jean-Philippe Rameau


by Jean-Philippe Rameau
Ballet bouffon in a prologue and three acts

Libretto by Adrien-Joseph
Le Valois d’Orville

in French with German surtitles
Juno is outraged by her husband Jupiter's constant love affairs. To prove to Juno that her jealousy is unfounded, Jupiter decides to play a trick on her: He begins to court and flatter the nymph Platée who is as narcissistic as she is ugly.

With the help of instrumental tricks Jean-Philippe Rameau’s musical score acoustically makes the most of the comical situations thus being a paradigm of baroque musical humour.

Pre-performance Introduction (in German)
45 minutes prior to the start of every performance, Opera House, Grand Tier Foyer (Foyer I. Rang)

Late Night Talk (in German)
Directors, dramaturgs, singers and conductors are ready to answer your questions:
  • Exact dates still to be announced.

1 Part (Prologue/I Act): approx. 60 min
- Interval -
2 Part (II/III Act): approx. 65 min
World premiere
1745 in Versailles

Premiere of this production
Recommended age
from grade 10