With this season, the Staatsoper Stuttgart completed the new Ring of the Nibelung under the baton of Cornelius Meister, General Music Director of Staatsorchester Stuttgart. The highlights of the four productions can be found here.

Cycle in March

Over two weeks in March 2023, the complete Ring of the Nibelung is on show at the opera house.

March 3, 2023; 7 p.m. DAS RHEINGOLD
March 4, 2023; 5 p.m. DIE WALKÜRE
March 10, 2023; 4 p.m. SIEGFRIED
March 12, 2023; 4 p.m. GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG

Cycle on Easter

Over the Easter holidays, the complete cycle is on show within a week. You find information about our hotel partnerships below.

April 5, 2023; 7 p.m. DAS RHEINGOLD
April 6, 2023; 5 p.m. DIE WALKÜRE
April 8, 2023; 4 p.m. SIEGFRIED
April 10, 2023; 4 p.m. GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG
Best of: Das Rheingold
Prelude and beginning I. scene
„Zittre und zage gezähmtes Heer!“
Entry of the Gods into Valhalla
Best of: Die Walküre
prelude and beginning I. Act
„Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond“
„Der alte Sturm, die alte Müh“
death proclamation: „Siegmund, sieh auf mich“
ride of the valkyries
Fire spell
Best of: Siegfried
Prelude and beginning I. Act
forge song
„So höre nun auf mein Horn!“
„Wache, Wala!“
III. Act: Duet Siegfried and Brünnhilde
Best of: Götterdämmerung
Duet Siegfried and Brünnhilde and Rheinfahrt
Hagen and Alberich
Hagen and the Gibichsmannen
funeral march
„Fliegt heim, ihr Raben!“