7. Symphony Concert

A work by Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 8 in E flat major

With Gustav Mahler's monumental Eighth Symphony, Cornelius Meister and the State Orchestra continue their Mahler cycle and, together with eight vocal soloists, the children's choir and the State Opera Choir, bring the symphony concert series to a crowning conclusion. Shortly after completing the score, Mahler said in 1907: "The symphony must be like the world. It must encompass everything". This central credo for Mahler is reflected in the variety of forms and musical characters of his Eighth Symphony. Baroque fugue techniques can be found in it as well as a tonal language influenced by Richard Wagner. The first and only two performances during his lifetime were Mahler's greatest triumph. After the premiere in 1910, Thomas Mann commented that Mahler embodied "the most serious and sacred artistic will of our time".
Soprano I N.N.
Soprano II Simone Schneider
Soprano III Natasha Te Rupe Wilson
Alto I Stine Marie Fischer
Alto II Maria Theresa Ullrich
Tenor Benjamin Bruns
Bariton Johannes Kammler
Bass David Steffens
Choir/children's choir rehearsals
Manuel Pujol/Bernhard Moncado
Kinderchor & Staatsopernchor Stuttgart
Musical Direction Cornelius Meister
Staatsorchester Stuttgart

There will be an introduction in the Silchersaal 45 minutes before the performance.

Sun, July 13, 2025 11 h
Mon, July 14, 2025 19:30 h

Tickets for the entire 2024/25 season can be booked from July 8, 2024, no advance bookings possible.
Jul 2025
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Liederhalle, Beethovensaal
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https://www.staatsoperstuttgart.de Staatsoper Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Liederhalle, Beethovensaal
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